For those of you who have come into the office this past year, you know that I had a baby in February. Yippee! This past year has been about baby vomit, toddler tantrums and practicing immigration law under Trump administration. Despite all of this, there have been some recent successes with clients. Here they are below:


  • A client from northern Africa was able to successfully obtain her residency through her husband of 10 years after being previously denied by immigration because of a technical issue. This case was particularly pressing because the client had a terminal illness and needed health coverage-something she could not obtain through her husband’s employer due to her undocumented status. She was hospitalized during her immigration process but was able to recover enough to attend her interview with me as her legal counsel.


  • I assisted a young man from Asia in successfully immigrating through his spouse after previously being investigated for marriage fraud. The root of his problem was that a non-attorney legal consultant prepared his forms with false information, such as the non-attorney’s address on the forms instead of the clients actual home address. The non-attorney submitted the application with no supporting documents that this couple lived together and intended to build a future together. After the clients retained, I was able to fix the mess that this non-attorney created, and helped them obtain documents necessary for their case and prepared them for submission at their interview. The young man was approved that day with no problem and despite a prior fraud investigation.


  • I was successful in reopening a prior deportation order and obtain a bond for a man from central America who had a conviction for PC 422 and a pending case for PC 273.5, a misdemeanor. I also worked with his criminal attorney to help him avoid negative immigration consequences. The client is out and free and has viable relief that has been submitted and prepared. We are just waiting for a final hearing date.
  • DACA Renewals. Despite recent scare tactics by the Trump administration, we are plugging along with DACA renewals as fast as possible. Recently, we received DACA renewal approvals with no problem, so it’s been raining DACAs around here. In particular, I was able to help a family of three brothers renew for their third time as their attorney. I appreciate the repeat business from all my prior clients, especially when I can keep families together.


  • I was able to help a young woman from the Philippines obtain her residency through her US citizen husband after entering on a fiancé visa. I also adjusted her four-year old daughter, who during the interview asked if she could go to the park. That was a happy day and I hope they celebrated at the park.